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Glacier - Premium Blow Moulded Water Tanks

What is BPA ?

PREMIUM Water Storage Tanks for Household and Industrial use
   Bisphenol A - a compound found in plastic food and drink containers, Water Tanks lead to a number of adverse health effects such as infertility, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and feminization of developing male infants.
   The government's 2008 edict was aimed at assuaging the fears of many concerned parents, who can now ostensibly rest assured that baby bottles labeled "BPA-free" do not contain any amount of the contentious chemical.
   We are happy to introduce India's first 100 % Non Toxic BPA Free Water Tanks.


Unique Heat Reflective Technology for enhanced durability and avoidance of plastic degradation by sun rays.


Products made of plastic without protection are exposed to the attack of microbes, bacteria, yeasts and mould fungi. The increase of micro organisms has unpleasant consequences like odours, soiling and staining which impairs the quality of materials.
Inner anti- bacterial layer resistant to all kinds of bacteria, fungi and yeasts – which in turn increase the life of the tank. The Anti – bacterial protection additives have been tested according to international standards.


The Carbon molecules are distributed finely and evenly in the layer, resulting in stronger bonding resulting in tanks with extraordinary strength.